Additional Resources

For Adults
  • Tell Me The Truth About Loss (2020) by Niamh Fitzpatrick
  • The Year of Magical Thinking (2006) by Joan Didion
  • Cruse Bereavement Support –
  • A Doctor’s Story of Love and Loss (2020) by Rachel Clarke
Talking to Children about Death
For Adolescents
  • You Will Be Okay: Find Strength, Stay Hopeful and Get to Grips With Grief (2021) by Julie Stokes
  • When A Friend Dies: A Book For Teens About Grieving And Healing (2005) by Marilyn Gootman
  • Still Here With Me: Teenagers And Children On Losing A Parent (2006) by Suzanne Sjöqvist
  • Finding Your Way Through Grief E-Book
  • helps children, teenagers and young adults (up to age 25)
For Children
  • The Invisible String (2000) by Patrice Karst
  • Badger’s Parting Gifts (2013) by Susan Varley
  • Water Bugs And Dragonflies: Explaining Death To Young Children (1997) by Doris Stickney
  • A Child’s Grief: Supporting a Child When Someone in Their Family Has Died (2009) by Julie A. Stokes
  • Always in My Heart E-Book
  • Young Children Grieve Too E-Book
  • Shapes of Grief with Liz Gleeson
  • How to Fall Apart with Liadan Hynes
  • Grief Encounters with Venetia Quick and Sasha Hamrogue
  • What’s Your Grief with Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams
  • Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd

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