Salthill Rotary launch ‘Kick the Wall’ for Galway Hospice

Salthill Rotary Club has launched a fantastic new fundraising project for local Galway charities.  With the full support of Galway City Council, a permanent limestone collection point has been erected at the famous ‘Kick the Wall’ location at the end of the Promenade at Blackrock.  The collection point incorporates the slogan ‘Small Change, Big Impact’ which will hopefully motivate people to make their traditional kick a ‘powerful one’ through donating their small change to a local charity.

The Salthill Rotary Club has been actively engaged in projects for the benefit of the local community since 1986 and will manage this project.  They have chosen Galway Hospice as the first charity to benefit from this event for the next 3 months.  After 3 months, this will rotate to another chosen charity. The chosen charity’s name will appear on the wall for each three month period.

Galway Hospice is delighted to be the inaugural chaity to benefit from this project.  Every cent dropped in the box over the next three months will be given to Galway Hospice.  Our sincere thanks to Salthill Rotary and to those who will contribute over the next few months.

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