Friday 10th August: HP Finance Western Way Cycle in aid of Galway Hospice

You might have thought that an Accounting Cycle is “the sequence of steps followed in the accounting process to measure business transactions and transfer the measurements into financial statements for a specific period”.   Well, the good folks in HP Finance seem to have lost their way a bit, as they seem to think that it has something to do with a spin on a bike!  What?  I always thought that “margin” and “hedge” were accounting terms, but instead that’s where you’ll end up if you lose your “balance”, or if your tyres experience “accelerated depreciation”.   I have a lot to learn!

Anyhow, let’s cut to the bottom line, as all good Financial Advisors do.  The Western Way Cycle is actually a charity cycle in aid of Galway Hospice.  The HP Finance Team are downing their pencils, closing their ledgers, filing their forms, reconciling their reconcilers, and applying the principles of leverage as they mount their bicycles on Friday 10th August and set off on the Western Way Cycle to raise funds for Galway Hospice!   The team will be cycling from Westport to Achill along the “Western Way”,  a cycle pathway along the route of the old railway line.  It’s like a trek along the trak, or a scoot along the route … whatever it is, it’ll be a welcome break from the sums for this very hard working HP Finance team.  To infinity. and beyond ……

Seriously though, the HP Finance Team have been fantastic supporters of Galway Hospice for the past number of years and we wish them the very best in their challenge this year.  To sponsor this fantastic team, log onto their MyCharity page at 


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