World Cup Sweepstakes for Hospice

The best fun in the office this Winter!

Host a Galway Hospice Sweepstakes in your office, sports club or with your friends and cheer your team on as they compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Sign Up Now and we will send you a Sweepstake Poster along with instructions on how to play and top tips.

How to play

  • Register by November 11th in order to have everything ready for the FIFA World Cup kick-off on November 20th
  • Register your company to take part and receive a template email to send to your colleagues
  • Email your colleagues and put up the poster.
  • Each pack allows for 32 entries. (See Top Tips)
  • Ask each participant to contribute €10 to draw a World Cup team.
  • Arrange a draw at a time of your choosing and invite your colleagues along.
  • Write your colleagues’ names beside their teams on the wall-chart.
  • Award €120 in prizes and donate the remaining €200 to Galway Hospice.


Top Tips

  • If you don’t have 32 entries, divide the teams in half and give each of the 16 entries one seeded and one unseeded team.
  • Let us know if you need additional packs by emailing
  • Be creative with your prizes to keep everyone interested. (e.g. Award prizes for The Golden Boot or Least Goal’s Scored.)
  • Ask your company if they would be willing to operate a matching funds scheme.


For any further queries please email


World Cup 2022

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