Walking in memory of Mary Sheppard

In October it will be one year since we lost our mother, our world, my sister, my best friend. Every year we did the Galway Memorial Walk together and Mam also devoted her time volunteering in Galway Hospice. Little did we know that we would lose her so shockingly and suddenly to cancer. You never think it’s going to hit your own doorstep.

Our world has been turned upside down and has left an emptiness that will never ever be filled. Every minute, every hour, every day I think of her. If only we could hug her, hear her voice, hear her laugh just once more.

I also think of everybody else out there, family, friends that have been affected by the Big C in some way. Life is so cruel, so tough.

We received amazing home support from Galway Hospice during our journey and we will be forever grateful especially to nurse Kevin. You were an angel that guided us gently through that unknown territory. Words will never describe how grateful we are to you.

Donna Sheppard


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