Volunteer Application Requirements

Steps to Applying for a Volunteer Role

There are two forms which you must complete and return to the volunteer coordinator.

Application Form

Please download the Application Form above.

To submit by email: pmcdonagh@galwayhospice.ie
To submit by post: Pauline McDonagh, Human Resources/Volunteer Co-ordinator, Galway Hospice, Renmore, Galway, H91 R2T0

Garda Vetting Form NVB1 or NVB2

These forms require proof of identification and proof of address. 

Proof of Identification examples:

  • A copy of your driver’s licence (or)
  • A copy of your passport 


Proof of Address example:

  • P60, P45 or payslip (with home address), Utility Bill e.g. gas, electricity, television, broadband/license etc.
    (Proof of address must not be less than 6 months old. Printed online bills are acceptable, mobile phone bills are not).

Check your email:

As once you have completed the above you will then receive a link to complete the Garda Vetting Form electronically on the email address you have included on your NVB1 Vetting Invitation form (therefore, it’s important to ensure you put in the correct email address on this form.  You may leave the volunteer role blank the Volunteer Co-ordinator will complete this section.

If you do not have access to a printer or you prefer all the above forms to be posted or emailed to you directly, please email us your full postal address and the forms can be either emailed or posted to you.

Final steps

References will be checked and an informal interview will be arranged once all the above has been completed.

Contact Details: Pauline McDonagh – Human Resources / Volunteer Co-ordinator

Email: pmcdonagh@galwayhospice.ie