Our Doctors’ and Nurses’ Wishlist

It’s been over thirty years since the foundation of Galway Hospice. A group of inspirational doctors and nurses, fundraised and campaigned tirelessly to realise the dream of a local hospice – a place for local people experiencing life-limiting illnesses. Now, 30 years on, our hospice care has grown remarkably, reach over 1,000 patients annually – both here in the Inpatient Unit and out in the community. Their dream is ours to continue. 

Today, we care for more people and the demand for our care is ever-increasing. To meet this, we need the continued support of the people of Galway to help us raise funds, to replace some of our specialist equipment soon. We want to offer the people the absolute best of everything – the comfort and dignity they deserve. 

So, on behalf of all of our nurses and doctors, we are asking you will you help us to buy practical items that could improve quality of life for our patients and their loved ones. Companies and individuals can choose to donate or cover the costs of these invaluable items.

Recliners and Syringe Drivers are two of the items currently on our Wishlist

Riser Recliner Chairs

For patients and their loved ones – none wants to be in bed, or in one place, all day, so these chairs are supportive enough to offer another option, while they also give relatives who want to stay with their loved one through the night a comfortable rest by reclining all the way back.

Syringe Drivers

Syringe drivers are an essential piece of equipment at the hosice, they’re remarkable devices which allow us to administer medication continuously over a 24 hour period, helping to control a patient’s symptoms – such as pain or sickness – allowing them to have their vital medication when needed.

To make a donation to the Doctors’ & Nurses’ Wishlist, no matter how big or small, please donate here.